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we are in print…yipeeeee

It’s official. Whooossshh has launched. We are in print, glorious print.

The delivery of 2000 books to my front door was far more terrifying than receiving exam results (and I never imagined anything would trump that). Helen and I barely breathed when we opened the first box in case there was a big blob of ink marring the cover or something equally as terrible. But (breathe), there wasn’t. It is beautiful. All is well at The Odd Sock Publishing and a very shaky Helen managed to make it home on her bicycle without causing a road traffic incident.

Mad about Madeline

So Audrey and I are ‘Mad about Madeline’, both the original book by Ludvig Bemelman and the animated series on Tiny Pop. Audrey has recently hit a low point in her book collection and has proclaimed at age three that her demands for suitable reading material are not being met. Or in her words “my books are rubbish”. Then along came Madeline written in the 1940s, stemming from an idea penned on the back of a menu. it is beautifully illustrated, has a fabulous determined, strong willed but selfless and gentle little girl as its main protagonist and its rhyme and repetition are exceptional. And to top all that, it’s absolutely timeless.Audrey’s faith in literature has been restored and now she waves a finger in Barnaby’s face singing in a french accent one of the songs from the tv adaptation “have you learnt your lesson, you naughty, naughty boy.” i like to think Audrey (especially in Wooossshh is a modern day Madeline and i think she does too.

Patrick George

Barnaby has been bought Opposites by Patrick George for his birthday. It has gone completely over his head, given he is two, can barely string three words together and far more interested in swiping flies with tea towels than learning about opposites. HOWEVER, it is absolute genius and I am slightly in awe of its concept and graphics. The Patrick George collection use really clever graphics and acetate to aid learning and are the product of husband and wife team Peter and Ann Scott and who started off self-publishing.In a slightly stalker fashion I emailed them to ask their advice on finding a reliable printer and Ann was incredibly helpful and encouraging so now I am even more in love with them

Unsung heroes

Just been introduced to the award-winning blog the daddy diaries It’s brilliant. Ordinarily I would be necking anti-hystamine tablets for my “parenting sites” allergy, however the difference is this is written by a father and journalist. At the risk of sounding like a misogynist, sometimes, just sometimes men have a better perspective on the whole parenting thing.

Whooosshh was written in acknowledgment of my husband being a great dad and we would be totally lost without him. And yes I know this is ludicrous but he can multi-task…better than me. Ouch. Check out my very own super hero in action in Whooossshh

Stumbling blocks

I may have just answered my own question in the previous blog as to why there are few children’s books about fathers and daughters. ..It is a tragic sign of the times when you can’t draw a man in a child’s bedroom without it looking creepy.