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Mad about Madeline

So Audrey and I are ‘Mad about Madeline’, both the original book by Ludvig Bemelman and the animated series on Tiny Pop. Audrey has recently hit a low point in her book collection and has proclaimed at age three that her demands for suitable reading material are not being met. Or in her words “my books are rubbish”. Then along came Madeline written in the 1940s, stemming from an idea penned on the back of a menu. it is beautifully illustrated, has a fabulous determined, strong willed but selfless and gentle little girl as its main protagonist and its rhyme and repetition are exceptional. And to top all that, it’s absolutely timeless.Audrey’s faith in literature has been restored and now she waves a finger in Barnaby’s face singing in a french accent one of the songs from the tv adaptation “have you learnt your lesson, you naughty, naughty boy.” i like to think Audrey (especially in Wooossshh is a modern day Madeline and i think she does too.