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Last leg

Helen has been working on Whooosshh for too long now. She told me that all she needs in life is drawing and running. She has been a “runner” now for a total of two weeks. She said “They are the two most honest things in life. You get out what you put in.” Not sure where her partner Kev slots into this exclusive lifestyle.

Not long now Helen. We are on the home run and the finish line is in sight. We may even be published before the Olympics.

Patrick George

Barnaby has been bought Opposites by Patrick George for his birthday. It has gone completely over his head, given he is two, can barely string three words together and far more interested in swiping flies with tea towels than learning about opposites. HOWEVER, it is absolute genius and I am slightly in awe of its concept and graphics. The Patrick George collection use really clever graphics and acetate to aid learning and are the product of husband and wife team Peter and Ann Scott and who started off self-publishing.In a slightly stalker fashion I emailed them to ask their advice on finding a reliable printer and Ann was incredibly helpful and encouraging so now I am even more in love with them