Key components of a successful children’s book

Audrey announced today that she didn’t like Whooossshh because of its reference to “scary legs”. Children of today are so ungrateful. Remind me next time to name a star after her or something equally as unoriginal. Actually i think it’s quite tricky finding a book which resonates with both children and parent. The contemporary books which really work for me by authors such as Oliver Jeffers and Catherine Rayner are really cool, succinct and void of drama. Yet, Audrey loves the old school fairy tales such as Alice in Wonderland and the Snow Queen.Myself and both my kids have found common reading ground though with the rhyming books such as those by Julia Donaldson or Eric Carle. Any book where a child can recite the words is doing their job. And that’s why Julia Donaldson, Eric Carle and not forgetting Michael Rosen (Bear Hunt) are genius.They are mostly based on rhythm, rhyme and repetition and with those 3Rs comes familiarity and the recognition of words. Let’s face it Kylie Minogue would still be working as a mechanic in Neighbours if it wasn’t for rhythm, rhyme and repetition. Here’s hoping the concept brings Whooosshh as much success.

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